Our Solutions

By Industry

Maritime & Shipping

This industry is filled with highly complex and stressful activities, from managing the vessels all the way to the crew that is onboard. Some of the major activities that can be redifined with the use of RPA are: 

  • Crewing Activities
  • Home Allotment allocation
  • Crew Payroll activities
  • Vessel documentation updates

Retail industry

Retail means includes stores selling food and grocery stores, drug stores, dollar stores, club stores, mass merchandisers, retail outlets and toy stores where the products are sold to the public. Here the automation vary since we are dealing with fast moving goods we can automate:

  • Supply planning
  • Inventory count and ordering
  • Updating the prices instantly
  • Applying discounts based on rules

Insurance Industry

Insurance companies are struggling in satisfying the demanding customer needs, they are also looking for ways to internally reduce the processing time of underwriting new policies and to reduce the lead time of the insurance claims cycle to reduce costs and keep up with the competition in the industry. Some of the use cases in this industry include:

  • Underwritting process
  • Claims Managment
  • Collection of data from external and internal sources

Banking Industry

The banking sector compirses of alot of information regarding personal data, in order to run relevant KYC. Its high transactional and banks need to be fast in answering clients requests and they are governed by strict regulatory requirements so compliance is of up most importance. Some of the areas for automation are:

  • Maintaining logs and audit trail
  • Extracting data and contract lookups 
  • Collection process automation